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Illinois River Basin Restoration (sec 519, WRDA 2000)

Date Last Updated: 09/01/2016 15:03

Official Project Name
Illinois River Basin Restoration (sec 519, WRDA 2000)

Waubonsie Picture Location
Entire Illinois River Basin including tributaries.


Congressional District(s)
IL-11 IL-13 IL-16 IL-17 IL-18 IL-3 IL-7

Construction of the following Projects were completed: Peoria Upper Island project was completed in October of 2013 and Waubonsie Creek Critical Restoration Project was completed in November 2011. Construction of the Blackberry Creek Fish Passage project was completed by the State of Illinois in 2012. The Comprehensive Plan was approved by HQUSACE in May 2007. In 2008 the Comprehensive Plan was approved by the ASA for Civil Works and OMB. The Comprehensive Plan and cover letters were sent to Congress. Two construction projects (Pekin Lake North and Pekin Lake South Backwater) are on hold pending Federal funding.

Section 519 of WRDA 2000 authorized: (1) Comprehensive Plan to develop and implement a restoration program, long-term resource monitoring program, and evaluate new technologies and innovative approaches, and (2) construction of critical restoration projects. Section 519 and the related Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study, Sec 216, resulted in a joint Comprehensive Plan for the restoration of the basin. These efforts relate to the State's Illinois Rivers 2020 initiative, a proposed 20-year, Federal-state effort to restore and enhance the 30,000 square-mile Illinois River Basin. Anticipated benefits include reducing sediment delivered to the Illinois River mainstem and backwaters, reducing streambank erosion, and improving critical habitats for fish, waterfowl, and other aquatic organisms. This project involves four districts (Rock Island, St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit).

Major Work Item (This Fiscal Year)
FY 2016: Investigations funding will continue feasibility for Fox River and Tenmile Creek. Project is currently on hold pending Sponsor funds.

Major Work Item (Next Fiscal Year)
FY 2017: Pending contribution of Sponsor funds, federal construction funds in the amount of $8,741,000 would execute PPA, complete design, and award a contract for Pekin Lake South. Investigations funding will continue feasibility planning on Fox River and Ten Mile Creek.

GI - General Investigations -- Section 519 of WRDA 2000; as amended by Section 5071, WRDA 2007

Project Manager Information

Name: Program Manager, Project Management Branch
Phone: (309) 794-5399

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