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Plum River, Savanna, IL - CAP Section 205

Date Last Updated: 06/05/2014 16:35

Official Project Name
Plum River, Savanna, IL - CAP Section 205

Savanna, IL


Congressional District(s)

Received new start approval in 2012. Federal Interest Determination to be completed in FY2012.

Plum River flooding is causing damages to residential properties, businesses, the Illinois Route 84 Bridge, two railroads and water utility supplies in the vicinity of Savanna, IL. An opportunity exists to prevent future flooding of public infrastructure.

Summarized Financial Data
Feasibilty DI
Federal Cost $200,000 $3,250,000
Non-Federal Cost $100,000 $1,750,000
Total Cost $300,000 $5,000,000
Federal Allocations through FY 2013 $50,000 $ 0
Federal Allocation for FY 2014 $50,000 $ 0
FY 2015 Budget $0 $ 0
Balance to Complete $100,000 $3,250,000

(Note: Costs for Initiation of Feasibility Study only are presented. Total Project cost TBD)

Major Work Item (This Fiscal Year)
Complete Federal Interest Determination.

Major Work Item (Next Fiscal Year)
Continue Feasibility Study (pending funding).

CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 205

Project Manager Information

Name: Program Manager
Phone: (309)794-5561

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