Pools Upper St. Anthony Falls 1-27 - Entire List Locks 1-27 - Complete Queue List
Upper St. Anthony Falls Minneapolis, MN Upper St. Anthony Falls Minneapolis, MN
Lower St. Anthony Falls Minneapolis, MN Lower St. Anthony Falls Minneapolis, MN
Pool 1 Minneapolis, MN Lock 1 Minneapolis, MN
Pool 2 Hastings, MN Lock 2 Hastings, MN
Pool 3 Welch, MN Lock 3 Welch, MN
Pool 4 Alma, WI Lock 4 Alma, WI
Pool 5 Minnesota City, MN Lock 5 Minnesota City, MN
Pool 5A Fountain City, WI Lock 5A Fountain City, WI
Pool 6 Trempealeau, WI Lock 6 Trempealeau, WI
Pool 7 Lacresent, MN Lock 7 Lacresent, MN
Pool 8 Genoa, WI Lock 8 Genoa, WI
Pool 9 Eastman, WI Lock 9 Eastman, WI
Pool 10 Guttenberg, IA Lock 10 Guttenberg, IA
Pool 11 Dubuque, IA Lock 11 Dubuque, IA
Pool 12 Bellevue, IA Lock 12 Bellevue, IA
Pool 13 Fulton, IL Lock 13 Fulton, IL
Pool 14 Pleasant Valley, IA Lock 14 Pleasant Valley, IA
Pool 15 Rock Island, IL Lock 15 Rock Island, IL
Pool 16 Muscatine, IA Lock 16 Muscatine, IA
Pool 17 New Boston, IL Lock 17 New Boston, IL
Pool 18 Gladstone, IL Lock 18 Gladstone, IL
Pool 19 Keokuk, IA Lock 19 Keokuk, IA
Pool 20 Canton, MO Lock 20 Canton, MO
Pool 21 Quincy, IL Lock 21 Quincy, IL
Pool 22 Hannibal, MO Lock 22 Hannibal, MO
Pool 24 Clarksville, MO Lock 24 Clarksville, MO
Pool 25 Winfield, MO Lock 25 Winfield, MO
Pool 26 (Melvin-Price) East Alton, IL Lock 26 (Melvin-Price) East Alton, IL
Pool 27 Granite City, IL Lock 27 Granite City, IL
Downstream Lock 27  
Kaskaskia Pool Kaskaskia Lock
Pools O'Brien-LaGrange - Entire List Locks O'Brien - LaGrange - Complete Queue List
Chicago Harbor Pool Chicago, IL  
O'Brien Pool Chicago, IL O'Brien Lock Chicago, IL
Lockport Pool Lockport, IL Lockport Lock Lockport, IL
Brandon Road Pool Joliet, IL Brandon Road Lock Joliet, IL
Dresden Island Pool Morris, IL Dresden Island Lock Morris, IL
Marseilles Pool Marseilles, IL Marseilles Lock Marseilles, IL
Starved Rock Pool Ottawa, IL Starved Rock Lock Ottawa, IL
Peoria Pool Peoria, IL Peoria Lock Peoria, IL
LaGrange Pool Versailles, IL LaGrange Lock Versailles, IL
Below LaGrange Pool  

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