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Mississippi River Project Recreation Areas
   Grant River, Potosi, WI 
   Blanding Landing, Hanover, IL 
   Pleasant Creek, Bellevue, IA 
   Big Slough, Riverview, IL 
   Thomson Causeway, Thomson, IL 
   Bulger's Hollow, Clinton, IA 
   L&D 13, Fulton, IL. 
   Cattail Slough, East Clinton, IA 
   Smith's Island, Pleasant Valley, IA 
   Fisherman's Corner, Hampton, Illinois 
   Mississippi River Visitor Center - L&D 15, Rock Island, IL 
   Andalusia Slough, Andalusia, IL 
   Clark's Ferry, Montpelier, IA 
   Shady Creek, Fairport, IA 
   Blanchard Island, Muscatine, IA 
   Kilpeck Landing, Grandview, IA 
   Ferry Landing, Oakville, IA 
   Fenway Landing, Canton, MO 
   Bear Creek Marcelline, IL 
   Canton Chute, Quincy, IL 
   John Hay, Hannibal, MO 
   Park-N-Fish, Hull, IL 
   L&D 22, Saverton, MO 
Mississippi River Project Locks and Dams
   L&D 11, Dubuque, IA
   L&D 12, Bellevue, IA
   L&D 13, Fulton, IL
   L&D 14, LeClaire, IA
   L&D 15, Rock Island, IL
   L&D 16, Illinois City, IL
   L&D 17, New Boston, IL
   L&D 18, Gladstone, IL
   L&D 19, Keokuk, IA
   L&D 20, Canton, MO
   L&D 21, Quincy, IL
   L&D 22, Saverton, MO 
Illinois Waterway Locks and Dams
   T.J. O'Brien L&D
   Lockport L&D
   Brandon Road L&D
   Dresden Island L&D
   Marseilles L&D
   Starved Rock L&D
   Peoria L&D
   La Grange L&D

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