Lake Red Rock level falls 1.3 feet; continues downward trend
By Corporate Communications

(August 25, 2010) The Lake Red Rock pool level is at elevation 766.5 feet, falling 1.3 feet over the past 24 hours. The lake continues to fall and is currently storing roughly 897,789 acre feet of water (approximately 292.5 billion gallons) using approximately 49.4 percent of its available flood storage.

Lake Red Rock outflow is near 42,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) and will continue to fall with the lake level until a further reduction is needed to control the rate of fall in the lake. When necessary, outflows are reduced to prevent bank sloughing on the slope of the dam and adjacent slopes that could cause distress to the dam operations and performance, increased erosion and sedimentation deposit in the conservation pool.

Inflows into Lake Red Rock caused the pool level to peak July 5 at approximately 778.8. The record high stage at Lake Red Rock is 782.67 feet occurring on July 13, 1993.

Updated information about Lake Red Rock is available on the web at, and These web sites include links to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and National Weather Service websites that track Lake Red Rock elevations and forecasts, Des Moines River flow and projected rainfall amounts.

*NOTE: Forecasts take into account past precipitation as well as precipitation amounts expected 24 hours into the future from the time of the forecasts.

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